about the growing little girl.

A proud Christian girl. Calling herself, Eka, this growing little girl born as Eka Theresia Kartika Suri Nugroho. She lives in Lubuk Pakam, Indonesia but currently live in Bandung during the college time. This lazy girl loves sleeping, eating every delicious food, watching every good film, reading every good book, listening and dancing to every easy listening music, and adoring every handsome guys. She hates November and Uchiha Sasuke. Oh, she doesn't hate math anymore. But, doesn't mean she loves it.

This half Javanese blooded girl is going to turn 19 in November. She is in a process to find her identity, to grow well, and to be a good young lady lately. She does mistake like what others do. Life is hard indeed but she will do harder. Overall, Eka is just Daddy's growing little girl.

about the blog.

Ichi Diary Every Day was started in 2009 and was created for improving her English skill. Ichi Diary Every Day was filled by the daily activities of the little girl behind this blog. You can say this blog as the witness of her adolescence. Entering the senior high school in 2011, the Ichi Diary Every Day changed to Breaking The Rules. The look of this blog has been changed for couple of times according to the mood of the little girl. During the era of Breaking The Rules, this blog was filled with her bad fashion taste and her daily activities. 

This blog used to be filled by her bad days. Considering it is not a good thing and as she realized she has grown, she decided to change her blog name become Grow Beyond Pale. In the future this blog will post about her daily activities but focus on the good thing, every goal she has reached, every good activities she will be joined, every good memories to be memorized, and good lesson she has learnt. 

"it's okay if you're hurt. You're only 18 years old"
                                                           - School 2015 

much love
a lady-to-be