Heyho! So here I am again and this post is about my story in doing my 4th mission for my Human Computer Interaction Class.


Another Story of II3231

I think so hard to find suitable words to start this post yet I find nothing. So, hello again! It is my 6th week being in 6th semester of college. Bunch of tasks has already hit me. This project is one of them *sob*. This third project has higher difficulty than other 2 projects. The lecturer asked us to use sensor (whatever it is) in this project. All we need to do is to display the output of the sensor. We can use our monitor, LCD or 7-segment (I have talked about this thing on my previous post). Because I am a diligent student that would like to give my best, I choose 7-segment. Even though it means I have to give more effort. But hey, there is nothing bad for trying more right? So here are tools and materials you need to display output from a sensor. Oh, I chose temperature sensor anyway.



I would like to start this post with I never like 7-segment. Never once in my life (maybe in future). For those who do not know what 7-segment is, it is a component  that is needed on my second project. The lecturer ask us to make this 7-segment able to show number from 0 to 9 by pushing a button. Was it hard? At first, I thought so, because of 7-segment of course. But then Fanni found a website where we can copy the source code there. So, our project this time will still be about copy and paste. Hehe