24-hour Retreat

Because they say high school is the worthiest time in your life
Because every smile and tear will come more in high school
Because you will find who you are in high school
Because every photo you have in high school, will bring smile to you
Because every smile in high school photo means you are happy


Broken Brain

What will happen if there are too many homework and examinations? It's not healthy for your brain. After faced STAN try out and my school final examination, I find my brain doesn't work like it used to. I don't know the reason why. Maybe because I think too much or I never use my brain before so when I used it few days ago, it's broken. hahahaha I feel so relieved now. I don't even worry about national examination. My brain is too tired for it. School forced me to know this and that and everything. But, I enjoy it (for sure). 

Because the school final examination is over, I decided to post something. You know, trying to be a good blogger. I hope you've been used to with every bad photos of mineXD